March 15, 2018

About Us

We’re all humans

CyNest Inc is a veteran-owned business based out of beautiful Florida, USA. Our agile, scalable solutions can
provide a unified approach to cyber engineering. Even though CyNest Inc has incredible hardware to provide our
services, our true talent comes from our team of very talented individuals. Our support team goes through
thorough training to provide the best support to our clients, and our engineering team has an average
of 8+ years professional experience. Our development team, who build your applications and support our
products, have an average 8+ years as well. The management team, which oversees all operations, have an
average of 12+ years of experience.

That is some great cred if we’ve ever seen it.

Web Hosting
Our web hosting services are both Linux-based and Windows-based servers with the best Intel-based processors
with high bandwidth availability to ensure your web-based services are always available when you need it. The
servers and network are monitored 24/7 by a highly qualified team of individuals and bench-marked
continuously to ensure proper performance. With daily backups, your data is always ready to be available. We
have multiple tier 1 ISP providers to ensure there are no network congestion issues which may effect your services.

What We Believe

  • Our employees are our code source of strength and expertise.
  • Employees should feel part of the company family and enjoy their job and be proud of their work.
  • A flexible organization should be open to new solutions, projects, and ideas.
  • Our clients deserve the absolute highest level of service.
  • We have a responsibility to set a new standard for service and support to our clients and influence a growth in the industry.

We Take Security and Privacy Seriously